Eid Mubarak wishes to all Muslims around the world

We give thanks to aalmighty allah for spare our life to see today and for not be among of those who have gone.”

*Alhamdulillahi???Alhamdulillahi???Alhamdulillahi ???*

Another *Eid-l Kabir* is here.

On this great day of peace,mercy and compassion,
May *ALLAH* grant us our heart desires,with d great sacrifices of millions or RAM been slaugthered.

*Eid* is the combination of 3 meaningful words

*E = Embrace with open heart*

*I = Inspire with impressive attitude*

*D= Distribute pleasure to all*

Wish you a quintessential celebration and happy *’Eid-el Kabir(Adha).*

★prince Adekola★
✌ *S.O*✌️

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