Meet “TROD” Dagrin younger on stage

Meet Dagrin’s brother, TROD who has come to takeover his late brother position

In April 2019 the Nigerian music scene remembered the late talented rapper  Dagrin, who was the  one of Nigeria’s greatest rapper before he died on the 22nd day of April 2010 (nine years gone) in a fatal car accident.

His death was a shock to Nigerians and industry mates, especially his prodigy, Olamide, who alongside others, paid a musical tribute for him.

Just like Dagrin, we may have found a star, though still rising, we know for the fact that he’d break boundaries as his rap game is so good!

Omo Ita, Trod, who calls himself “the living Grin“, is certainly an artiste to look out for in the nearest future, and with his popularity already rising on social media , it seems that “future” is even nearer than we think.

For the love of his late brother, he used TROD as his stage name, which means; “The Return of Dagrin”An old tweet from a producer on Twitter, @DirectedByDiji, got a plethora of attentions, so I decided to check him out, and He is good! The music director Diji, asking Davido, asking that he should signs Trod.

Tweet asking Davido to sign Dagrin’s brother, Trod – Omo Ita
Tweet asking Davido to sign Dagrin’s brother, Trod – Omo Ita

After seeing this, I was so impressed to know who he was, so I went to his Instagram account and saw a couple of videos, which makmake impressed.

He is a young talented and with a bit of brushing, he will definitely go far than his broher Dagrin.

watch more of his video on Instagram
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Now available on all platforms! Ji Masun Sare Come Online !!! Link in my bio ???????????

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Rep where you come from ! OmO Mushin Le Mi Ooooo..Link in my Bio??????⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

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