Ways To Invent Active Income Part 1

How Simple It Is to Invent Your
Own Active Income Streams. See The True
Power How Active or Passive Income Can Change Your
Life For The Better.

What Is An Active Income?

To Put It Easier, an active income is simply an
income stream created by work you have done
once and you get paid for it over an over again.
Or in some cases, an asset is used to generate
income. (Bear in mind Assets often depreciate in
value such as a rental car, hire goods, etc. In the
case of money investment, sometimes inflation
will lower the value of an initial investment.

Examples of Active Income
  • Write A Song – Then sell the rights to the
    song for a percentage of earnings. Say for
    example you want 10% of all music sales
    regardless of the singer. You wrote the song
    (Did The Work Once) then now anytime
    anyone sells a version of your song You
    Receive 10% Of The Sales.
  • Invest Money In Bank – Invest 1 000 000
    dollars or nairas in the bank at 5% Interest per year.
    Every year you will earn more and more
    money if you choose not to touch it. * Invest
    money (Do It Once) Interest then kicks in and
    pays you money plus you get to keep your
    original amount
  • Invent A New Gadget Or Device – Here you
    have an option to share in the profits, with
    other people’s money, by letting them
    develop the product mainstream and you sit
    back an enjoy a nice percentage.
  • Shares That Pay Dividends – Is often a
    common choice by a lot of professionals.
    Some stocks will pay upwards of 8%
    Dividends on a regular basis.
My Best active Income
  • Affiliate Marketing With A Blog Website – This
    is obviously one I am passionate about, for many
    reasons. Firstly anyone can learn how to do it.
    Next to no start-up costs. Potential returns many
    times what the average person earns and keeps
    paying and paying if done right. To read more
    about affiliate marketing with a blog website
    Affiliate Marketing With A Blog
  • Create a Youtube Channel – This one is also
    very popular and some people have made
    extremely good livings from this alone. Will
    say it is not for everyone, as is a bit of a
    learning curve , but definitely, one to think
  • Network Marketing – Has been around quite
    some time now and has mixed opinion from
    many people. I believe this is still a viable
    option for passive income. Not for the faint
    hearted though.
  • It Is So Powerful – Active
    To understand the power of active income
    sometimes takes people some time to get their
    head around the concept.

Read more Extreme way to acquire active income through trading

  • It is easy to get
    discouraged when
    you start a venture by creating
    Active income as a goal. Sometimes many
    hours, days, weeks, months or even years may
    pass before the true potential of all that hard
    work, materializes into something that really has
    to be seen to be believed.


“If you want what others can’t
have you have to do what others are not prepared
to do”

  • Some of the most wealthy people – Are no
    smarter than you or I, they simply do things
    differently from a lot of other people. A great
    example was Chris Tacker. He had said in an
    interview once he is not the smartest person in
    his firm, but he had a nick for hiring the smartest
    people and surround himself with them.
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Just A Reminder

you can start to understand the
power of active income streams from my
experience. Put yourself in charge of your life and
make a difference in your future.

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