Some few history, biography and networth of Atress Regina Daniels that you don’t know

Regina Daniels is a Nollywood child actress, model, recording artiste, singer and a philanthropist. She was born on 13th May 2000 in Asaba, Delta State in the south southern part of Nigeria. Shrrently 18 years old. She joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in 2007 at the age of 7 years old.
In 2010, she rose to fame after starring in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Miracle Child” s a tragic movie which she acted alongside with Chinwe Owoh. She attended Hollywood International School Asaba, Delta State in the south southern part of Nigeria, where she completed her primary and secondary school education and obtained both her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.
She is currently an undergraduate of Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State in the south southern part of Nigeria, where she is currently studying Theatre Arts. Her Mother name is Rita Daniels, she is currently the chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Delta State chapter.Regina Daniels has acted in more 100 Nollywood movies which includeMiracle Child, Python Girl, Spider Girl, Hanging Coffin, Jaja the Great, Queen Rebecca, Royal Covenant, Stronger than the Gods, Tears of Ojiugo, etc. She is currently earning # 600,000 per movie. She was introduced into the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) at a very tender age by her mother.
It may interest you to know that she has starred in movies with top Nollywood stars like Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo and Chika Ike. She currently has a fan base of over 2 million unique followers on Facebook and on Instagram.
She has a charity organization which she called “Regina Daniels Foundation” the organization is aimed at helping people with physical challenges. She has produced two movies which include “The Jericho” and “Twins Apart”.
Regina Daniels tops the list of most beautiful and richest teenage actress in Nigeria. In 2015 she was nominated by City People Entertainment Award as best prominent actress in Nigeria. She has won several awards such as best actress of the year at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.
Regina Daniels is currently one of the richest and most influential teenage actress in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $ 350,000.Regina Daniels is one of the hottest and youngest Nollywood actresses. She is just 17 years old and she’s currently one of the highest paid acts in the industry.
The actress began her career at the age of 7. She shot into prominence when she featured in the popular movie, Miracle Child. Daniels has starred alongside the likes of Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson and Chika Ike. Regina is quite popular on social media with over a million fans on her social media pages.
In this post, we take a look at how this young and talented actress has grown to become the toast of fans in Nollywood.
Early life & Education
Regina Daniels was born in Asaba on the 10th of October 2000. She attended Hollywood International School in Asaba in Delta State before proceeding to Igbinedion University in Okada, Edo State.
Her mother is Rita Daniels; she’s also an actress. Rita is the current chairman of the Delta State Actors Guild in Nigeria.
Regina began acting as a 7 year old when she featured in the movie, Marriage of Sorrow.
Regina is also a movie producer. She has produced a couple of Nollywood movies. These include: The Jericho and Twins Apart.
Over the years, Regina has shown the world, she’s indeed a beauty with brains as she has been able to successfully combine her education with her acting career. She currently studies in a private university.
Regina has featured in scores of movies since she debuted as a 7 year old actress. Some of the movies she has featured in include:
Dumebi in School
Hanging Coffin
Jaja The Great
My Kids and I
My Mother, My Pain
Plantain Girl
Powerful Virgin
Python Girl
Queen Rebecca
Royal covenant
Stronger than the gods
Tears of ojiugo
The Bat-Man
The Bleeding Girl
The Fish Girl
The Jericho,
The King and The Python
The Miracle Girl
Traditional War (Part 1)
Twins Apart
Wipe your sorrows
Daniels is the founder of Regina Daniels Charity Foundation, a non-governmental organisation that is focused on catering for disabled children.Regina Daniels was accused by her best friend, Cassie of blackmail. According to Cassie, Regina had asked her to sleep with a producer in exchange for a movie role and when she refused, the actress resorted to blackmail.
Cassie revealed that Regina had threatened to release her nudes on social media if she refused to hook up with the producer.
However, the actress has since refuted the claims as she stated that she doesn’t have a Facebook account which was the said means of communication between both parties.
She also revealed that phone number that was used to call the said victim which showed her name on the True caller application wasn’t hers as anyone could have registered a number on the application with her name.
After the clarification, the actress shared a photo of herself alongside the alleged victim/friend Cassie, indicating that there was nothing wrong between them.
Interestingly, the brain behind the controversy has since been arrested and will be duly prosecuted.
Daniels was nominated for the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress and Most Promising Actress.
She won the award of Actress of the Year at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
Net worthDaniels is paid an average of N600,000 per movie and she’s said to be worth an estimated $350,000 which makes her on of the richest teen actress in Nigeria.
Regina Daniels has five siblings. She is the fifth child in her family with three older brothers and two sisters.
Her eldest sister, Ifeoma Daniels is happily married with a child. Her brothers are Emmanuel, Lawrence and Samuel. The latter two are involved in the music industry. Samuel is a student of Ambrose Alli University. Regina’s youngest sister is Destiny Daniels.
Rita Daniels
Rita Daniels is Regina’s mother. Rita is a Nollywood actress and she was the one that introduced her daughter into acting.
Rita began her acting career when she began performing at her local Anglican Church as a child.Rita Daniels is the brain behind her daughter’s meteoric rise in Nollywood. She’s a woman of many parts as she has been in involved politics, entrepreneurship and mentoring.
She’s currently the Director of Reginal Daniels Children Foundation and she’s also a Majority leader and counsellor to the Local Government in Aniocha South in Delta state.
Rita Daniels is also the manager of Last Point Resort and the CEO of Chris Daniel Nigeria Limited.
Although there are rumours that Rita Daniels was the one that forced Regina into acting but she revealed that it was Regina that was passionate about acting.
She disclosed that Regina became interested in acting as a little 7 year old girl and when she saw her agemates participating in movies whenever she accompanied her mother to movie locations she asked her mother to include her. But Regina turned down her daughter. Regina continued to pester her mother until she eventually succumbed and allowed her to play a role in a movie. Her first pay was N5000 and it has since grown to over N500000 in the last 10 years.
Rita is the one that negotiates with producers when Regina is in school or studying. They try to work a way around it so that she can get projects during her free time.
Regina has also revealed that her mother has been able to shield from any of the adverse effects of fame.
Regina has been criticised severally when it comes to her fashion sense. Sometimes, the object of criticism is her excessive makeup while other times, it is her dressing.
There was a time one of her fan commented on one of her picture by telling to see her school’s chancellor for advice on how to dress well.
Role models
The actress revealed in an interview that her role models in the industry are Genevieve Nnaji and Mercy Johnson. She also looks up to Angelina Jolie.At present Regina has 2 million followers on the Instagram and 1.3 million in Facebook. Fans follow her career and personal life enthusiastically. What is the history of Regina Daniels? How did she manage to succeed at such a young age? Read about the life history of actress Regina Daniels below.
Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels date of birth is the 10th of October 2000. The actress got her secondary education at Hollywood International School in Asaba (Delta State). Now, she is a student of Igbinedion University (Okada, Benin City).
Regina Daniels mother and siblings
It seems that the fate of young Regina was predetermined since her mother Rita Daniels is also an actress and producer. Besides, she leads the Delta State Actors Guild of Nigeria.
Rita Daniels gave birth to six lovely children. The woman is very supportive of her talented daughter. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with much informationRegina Daniels and her mother Rita Daniels; source of image:
The young actress has three brothers and two sisters. The brothers are Emmanuel Daniels, Lawrence Daniels, and Samuel Daniels.
Regina has one older sister Ifeoma Daniels. Ifeoma has her own family. Also, the actress has a younger sister. Her name is Destiny Daniels.
Regina Daniels’ road to making movies
Regina is only seventeen, but she acts in films on an equal footing with other stars of Nigerian and African cinema. True to say, the films with her participation are top-rated among the spectators.While most of her peers are just starting to turn a penny for pocket money, Regina has already earned vast wealth. According to rumours, she earned 350 thousand US dollars. At present, Regina Daniels gets 600 thousand Naira for a film.
The young actress started her career at seven. Her first work was ‘Marriage of Sorrow’ (2007). But the girl became famous all over the country with her role in film ‘Miracle Child’ (2010).
Regina Daniels movie picture; source of image
Regina Daniels has deservedly received awards and nominations. Among them are the following:
– City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actress of the Year (English) 2016 – 2017
– City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress of the Year (English) 2016
– City People Movie Award for Best Upcoming Actress of the Year (English) 2017
Most popular Regina Daniels movies
– Miracle Child
– Dumebi in School
– Python Girl
– The Bat-Man
– The Jericho
– Plantain Girl
– Jaja The Great
– Twins Apart
– Tears of Ojiugo
– Wipe your sorrows
– Royal covenant
– Traditional War (Part 1)
– Stronger Than The Gods
– The King and The Python
By the age of 14, her filmography totaled more than a hundred movies. Besides, Regina produced some films, for example, ‘The Jericho’ and ‘Twins Apart.’
In addition to the young actress hard work, she is also engaged in charity. Her ‘Regina Daniels Children Foundation’ helps kids.

Private life of the actress

In the Instagram profile of the actress, there are some pictures with a handsome guy where she calls him ‘My one and only boyfriend and love.’ So many followers of the actress were confused. But apparently, the ‘mystery guy’ is her older brother Samuel.
As for the personal life of the Nollywood actress, it is rumored that she is dating a young actor Somadina Adinma. The girl even posted a few provocative photos with him. Looking at the pictures of the girl and the handsome young man we can say that they are heavily in love.
But unfortunately she is now happily married with Ned Nwoko
22-year-old Regina Daniels has long been at the centre of rumours about relationships and marriage, and now these rumours can be confirmed. The
young lady married a 59-year-old Nigerian politician and billionaire Ned Nwoko.The celebration took place on May 26, 2019, in Anioma, Delta state, where her husband comes from. It was performed according to the customs and traditions of Anioma, Delta state. She was included in the Otu-Udu group, which means that now she can enjoy all the privileges of marriage. The ritual was performed by older women from the community in the presence of the bride’s mother.
Celebrities and famous personalities such as Patoranking, Fathia Williams, African China, Ejiro Okurame, Charles Inojie, Chinedu Ikedieze and Alex Usifo were also present.
The beautiful lady was dressed in a beautiful traditional outfit and looked incredibly happy. She was constantly smiling and holding on to her husband. Her husband’s outfit was simple. He was wearing casual jeans and a shirt.
@reggina.daniels, @regina.daniel8 (modified by author)
Her wedding with Ned Nwoko definitely became the main event of this May. The traditional celebration was beautiful. Knowing that the actress is a real fashionista, we can see a gorgeous wedding in the future. We wish the newlyweds long and happy years of living together!Of course, we wish Regina Daniels further success and hope she will be known not only in Nollywood but throughout the world. Is her story not handsome

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