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France Defense Minister Plans To send Satellites Armed With Power Lasers And Submachine Guns to space

Last week the French minister of defense,
Florence Parly, said that the country is making plans to launch a miniature surveillance satellite that going to be carrying some really heavy weapons like laser guns and even Submachine guns (SMGs).

The project is said to cost an additional $780 million which is going to be added to the previous $4 billion which was allocated for France’s space operations from 2021-2025.

The minister also said that the Satellites will be equipped with some survellance cameras scanning for potential threats, she noted that the satellite would be mainly for defensive not offensive purpose.

During an interview session, the defense minister said that “ if our satellites are threatened, we will consider blinding those of our opponents.

This may involve the use of power lasers deployed from our satellites or the use of Submachine guns capable of breaking solar panels.

The French authorities have already began building training facilities like space campus and space academies to promote space careers.

One thing for sure is that if this France “ weapons satellite” is finally built, it going to be raising some serious concerns from other countries like the U.S., Russia and China amongst others.

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