Get Free Internet On Your Computer At Home

The internet as a whole can be described as an
incredible technology that has greatly enhanced our
lives in a number of ways. The Internet has
become an integral part of our life and it’s
practically hard to imagine it, especially in the
current digitized world. Nearly everyone across the
globe has a smartphone with data plans and
studies have proven that the average home internet
bill is at least 60000 naira a month. This figure is only
projected to increase in the next few years as
internet service providers continue to enhance their
bandwidth speeds. This implies that despite the
potential benefits that the internet offers, there are
significant costs associated with it.
It’s no surprise then that people tend to take
advantage of free internet whenever they go, like
restaurants, libraries, hotels and perhaps airports.
However, the question now is, other than these
public places, can you access free internet in your
home? Basically, there are many ways you can
access the free internet while at home. However, it
is imperative to note that a free internet may not
be effective and fast enough to allow you to watch
some of your favorite videos on Netflix. Of course,
you’ll still be able to surf the web, do a few online
jobs, enjoy social media and answer those emails.
If you are seeking to enjoy a free internet
connection in your home, use these tips and make
it a reality.
How To Get Free Internet
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1.WiFi Map.
This is typically a smartphone app which functions
as a database of all the free wifi hotspots across
the globe. It gives users an opportunity to have
access to the more than a hundred million free wifi
all over the world! All you need to do is to
download the app and enjoy the amazing
experience offered by free WiFi.
2. Advantage of
FreedomPop free internet.
This has been around for quite some time now and
it’s a great option for those seeking free internet.
You can access it either via a smartphone or a
laptop. Even though the amount of data on offer
may not be sufficient for an ardent web user, it is
still a decent amount.
You’ll only have to create an account, pay for a
small deposit and FreedomPop will immediately
send you the device you need and you’ll begin to
surf the web. For the first month, you are awarded
a 2GB free data. From the second month onwards,
you’ll receive free 500MB of data on a 4G
network. The main advantage of working with
FreedomPop is that you not only get a free data
plan but one that is portable as well. The internet
equipment you are purchasing is typically a
personal hotspot, implying that you can always
travel with it accordingly.
3. WiFiFree Spot.
This is a highly beneficial tool that enables you to
find areas within your location where a free WiFi is
offered. The site features a database which covers
nearly every country and users are only required to
browse their respective cities, find local businesses
and public areas where free internet is provided. If
you live close enough to any of these places, you’ll
probably use its free internet (WiFi).
4. Consult your service
provider for the free Internet!
There is a possibility that lots of people do not
know about this. Many ISPs bundle in free dial-up
internet access which is covered by the paid plans.
Typical examples of ISPs that provide free hours of
internet service per month include Juno and
NetZero. If you are not a heavy internet user, you
can potentially save lots of cash by using such
5. Get it from your neighbor!
It may sound absurd but it is acceptable and is
arguably a move that can potentially save you lots
of money in the process. If you have a generous
neighbor who is willing to share his or her net,
don’t hesitate to let your feelings known. Make a
move and ask them if they’d be willing to share
the Internet with you.
6. Switch to an unlimited data
A good number of cellular networks offer unlimited
mobile phone data. With this at your disposal, you
can then create your own free wifi hotspot and
enjoy browsing.
Generally, internet access doesn’t have to be
expensive. As you may have seen, it can be free
under the right conditions. You don’t have to steal
it! We have provided you with effective, practical
and arguably most important, legal ways of getting
free internet on your phone or computer while at
What you should know
regarding the free internet.
Even though these services may save you a fortune
in the long run, they do come with their share of
risks. Other than the issue of poor internet speeds,
safety is another factor to consider. It is critical to
note that WiFi uses radio waves and these types of
waves are very direct. This implies that nearly
everybody within range can practically see whatever
you are doing online if they have some kind of
software. So if you are using a wifi network you
have no idea whose network it belongs, beware!
The hotspot might be used as a trap to steal your
personal data!

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