Buhari: Guru Maharaj ji sends message to atiku

A Nigerian Spiritual Leader, Sheik Guru Maharaj Ji, has educated the presidential competitor regarding the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the last political race, Atiku Abubakar to acknowledge the result of the political race just as the decision of the Presidential Election Tribunal and proceed onward with his life.

Master Maharaj ji offered this guidance in a Press Conference at his Spiritual Center in Lagos on Tuesday.

He asked Atiku to compliment President Buhari and proceed onward in accordance with some basic honesty.

He said there was the need to educate all candidates not to organize any further intrigue in the Supreme Court.

“Or maybe they ought to salute and offer help to Mr. President to permit him continue vigorously to handle matters of State which require critical consideration,” he said.

“I might want to likewise praise all present for coordinating with me to disfavor the foes of the individuals who anticipated that there would be war in Nigeria previously, if not during as well as after the simply finished general decisions.

“I independently drove the group to exhort the blacks in the Diaspora directly from the word not to decide in favor of some other candidates other than President Buhari in light of the fact that we needn’t bother with any heinous pioneer who might wire, change and take all your riches for creating Middle Eastern and European nations, as found during the main term of Mr. President.

“I am along these lines praising the Judges in the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal for work very much done to affirm that the appointment of President Buhari was reasonable, free and led in an environment of harmony.

“This was given confidence by all the nearby and outside onlookers.

“I might want through this medium, to relieve the feelings of dread of different individuals from the restriction bunches who have been fingered for occupying cash implied for open utilities for private use, not to be apprehensive,” Guru Maharaj ji said.

Maraha Ji approached every single degenerate Politician to give up their plunder to the administration, else they would be indicted by the law.

“All they need do is to turned out individually to admit and handover what is left of the amount they took and they would be given delicate landing, else, they ought to be set up for the most noticeably terrible should they hold back to be gotten unprepared. IBB and Abdulsalam Coup can’t occur right now”, he said.

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